The colours of love

I know the colours of love
I have seen the colours of love
It’s the colour of your twinkling eyes when you smile.

I know the colours of love
I have witnessed it
It is the colour of your lips when you pout

I know the colours of love
I have felt it in your touch
It is the colour of your palms when you hold me

I know the colours of love
Am a witness to it
It is the colour of the clouds when you watch it with me

I know the colours of love
It’s the brightest colour in the night when we lay together

I know the colour of love and it’s not red nor pink. It is the colour of you And me…it is fifty shades of colours but one shade with us. 

I have seen the colours of love
I have searched the colours of love and it has no colour. It’s just you!




Who do I trust?who do I believe ?
What do I know, we all live in fear
I can’t blame Anyone!

It’s dated back to the days of Adam
We began to envy another
Cain took from Abel
There came fear and betrayals

We fear our shadows in the dark
Mother plants a seed for nine months
And terminates her seed all for deceit!

Tribes fear one another…believes against believes… What do we know
We are scared, we are humans it’s part of us, But look, we’ve becoming inhumane!

We are fighting most times for things not worth fighting for. We say we die for what we believe in, but is that really the truth?

Who do you trust? When the girl next door full of life and chanting how much she loves life, took her own life. The lovers professing their undying love murdered another.

Sometimes I want to cry myself to sleep, but am scared of no tomorrow
How stupid I can’t trust my eyes, because they might not open

If only the world would see how much harm they have brought upon themselves in the name of nothing

We’ve stained our hands with our own blood.. We break the canon law every day and we still live like its nothing.

Leaders taking forcefully from the poor masses and still force you to like them with a barrel on your head what can you do?

Military men standing aside and snarling at the youth with voice shunning the words out of them

Oh! oh!! oh!!! what we are doing and blaming another for, we are causing an everlasting pain!

Look and see the tears in the fathers eyes… What has broken that gallant man’s heart?, why is the little child pointing north? Why is mother wailing on the floor

Now let’s address those broken heart and stop fighting for an unworthy course…let’s come home to that waiting arm, only if we drop that in our hands



Am going with the trend they call it “Fashion”, funny how am the one stripped and they are clothed… Fully dressed and me bare.

They tell me it’s me being confident and proud of my body, they entice me with the chain of fame, chain of wealth, chain of connections and adventures.

Foolish and naive me follow where they lead, since they said it was all for my own Interest. Am not free to ask questions or make my decisions.

The same chain they told me was mine, was what they dragged me with.. They keep me in front of the blinding light and take a billion shots of my nudity.

Am sampled like an article in the museum, like animals in the Zoo
My ripeness is measured and men are brought in to lay with me and bargain my worth.

How do I tell them that this is not that era where women had no say in their own lives, that we can make our choices now and take care of our welfare.

Am shocked at the rate they admire my body in the screen and call me names in reality, am not allowed to associate with them,am excommunicated!

No not anymore! am going to make them see through their blindfolds Am going to free myself from the chains!, am soaring higher like the eagle.

Without restrictions, am not a clipped bird.. Am a WOMAN!

Can you hear me?


I am not dumb nor am I deaf
But I can’t speak to anyone
No matter how much I try, they have tormented my whole being to Pulp

Am scared beyond your imaginations
Am only living in my illusions,  hoping to see that light said to be at the end of every tunnel.

I have been deluded for years… Made to believe that it was nothing, and it has no pain, I have suffered from their touches and they felt no pity.

I want them to feel the same, I will creep into there lives and  fulfill their best phantom. I will be their ageless swan I will make sure they feel and I don’t.

The innocence they stripped me off, I will return with guilt. The hands they lifted into my gowns and covered my mouths from whimpering.. I would return! with pain.

They tormented my childhood and made me believe I was the demon with the sin, “I can’t tell a soul am possessed” so they said.. They have squeezed my forming beads to dust.

They found joy in my tiny form,  they played with my wears and am silenced and I could only watch them fondle with my form. Everywhere they touch is like a plague on my skin!

I became a master of my own emotions
I don’t cry anymore, I don’t feel sad, I don’t get angry, I don’t feel pain am dead I let them have their way.

My thoughts became more beautiful than the ugly reality. Now am a lady, and am sipping into their lives getting them inebriated with my charm, then I strike!.

Even now I can’t speak, I can’t say a thing, just look deep into my  eyes… You will be amazed from the pain bottled within. Now can you hear me?

Wailing City


Like every other day would have been, yet today was different…there was no chirping birds…the crows did not crow.the pines weren’t whistling, the dogs were barking towards the stream… What has happened to my beautiful city?!

The earth is covered in crimson red…my Foots are stuck to it’s place. Why is my heart pounding like the newly bride’s mortar?

The water from the stream is roaring and flooding my home! What has happened to my city?. There’s no sound of the melodious youth…

I listen to the far distance, I heighten my hearing, now I can hear wailing from afar…people are shouting and crying…

No!! I can’t bear it any longer, I pick up my pace and race out of my comfort zone. The first two homes has been vacated.. Aaaahhhh!…I am staring, still terrified from the sight I beheld.

Kids has become orphans, wife’s are now widows…. The youths are forced to bear ammunition…the crying of the kids are now ragged, I am helpless!.

I can’t help them, not that I don’t want to. My heart is bleeding am trying my best to ease my breathing… But I can’t.

We’re no longer unfettered, it is all gone! The green grasses have quite an eccentric look to them the obscure images that I perceive from afar is scary.

I begin to walk up the rest of my city. Houses are collapsing, the “yellow mixed orange” man flower is eating out the city… Rendering it’s dark dust to the evening sky…

I am choking in the Pungent smell.. But I couldn’t stop moving towards that image it’s getting clear; but I can’t make it out…it’s different from anything I have seen before !, Aarrrgh! What is this?.

It wasn’t like my papa’s two wheeled cycle that is parked behind his hut since forever, neither was it like the white missionaries four wheeled “steel tortoise” he called a car.

This was massive, different from every other that I have seen. It was made of timber woods.

I walked crawled and crept to the top until I have reached the peak, the image sat unsinkable in the sea like it was made to be so…

Then I saw women and men bundled in in chains from their necks down to their legs through their ankles it was passed to the next person. What has happened to my city? Tears can’t stop falling down my eyes..

I hear the revelry  of the men that has held my people captive..their hands dripping of the crimson liquid of the innocent their ears heeding not to the curses laid upon them… 

I couldn’t cry anymore I could only pray,  my heart is broken and torn in shreds. My hands are limp so are my legs.

I could only pray that the being in heaven would save my people and the “wailing city”.


Do you hear the infamous village drumbeat ?, am home!

I am wondering if there’s another like this?

My heart accure the comfort of my land

My skin a glittering charcoal black

My ebony hair shining like it was spun out of gold

My delicacies different from that you’ve ever tasted

The moonlight tales appealing the spirit of the young and the old

Our bodies moving in sync with the playing instruments like a dovetail

Unique dance steps a sight to behold and dialects music to the ear

I’m in peace in this land I inhabit not envying another

The first site you see you fall in love with

Mother blessed with intoxicating colours and beauty.

My African pride

In another man’s land I yearn for your comfort, I can’t do a thing without hearing the sound of my local “African drum”.

I am not different but my skin speaks ebony skin a sight to behold

The moonlight shines…am watching it’s silver colour on the cold night’s stream, getting ready to hear the voice of my grandmother tell the ancient tale of the animal kingdom and the history of my pride land.

My feet are restless on the golden sands as I dance to the rhythm of the song, my face filled with an ambiguous smile…cavalier over the classical music but the drum and metal gong sending my heart home.

The uniqueness of my people as radiating as the golden rays…when the Almighty has blessed us and we parade our self’s in different shades of beauty.

With the red earthen pot on my head, as I walk down the path,the different colours of the bush greeting our path hailing our soul for it’s purity.

Not being patient enough to see the golden rays sip in into my thatched home nor wait to hear the infamous cock of the land crow it’s alarm, my body is already restless in order to behold your sight.

In this land where I lack nothing, my body beautifully adorned in beautiful jewelries, my mother beckoning me to the room of satisfaction.. To make delicacies for the elders of the house.

Never getting tired of the history of my ancestors retold over and over again.

Running off to the village square to watch the colourful masquerades, and the young maiden in their outfits beautified with “ULI” their foots in sync with the traditional instruments.

Singing praises to the land as we send affable greetings with our hoes and cutlass, the huge abundances we carry with our baskets.

My language breathes exceptional so do my tradition.. Am known wherever I go… My chest swells up with pride!.